7 Best Cold Press Juicers of 2020

  • July 24, 2024
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The Cold press juicer is one of the must-have gadgets you need in the house. It is a vital device if you value original without additives fresh from fruits. It is necessary to own your juicer for use at disposal. Thus, you will avoid the daily purchase of packed juices with preservatives. A juicer is recommended for a family that has children to prepare cold drinks easily.

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Everyone should consider buying a juicer. You can’t help to gobble a nutritious glass of juice whipped in your kitchen by your juicer. It is one thing to purchase a juicer and another to get the right choice that meets your needs. Now not all juice pressers give out the same results.

Decided to buy a juicer? Have you been disappointed by your current juicer? Research is crucial because often, we get lost for choices in the flooded market. To furnish you with useful information, we present this post focusing on 7 top cold press juicers of 2020. We considered the quality, popularity of brands, and the customer feedback data. This comprehensive post will shed light on the best juicers in the market, their functionality, and why they stand out. The guide will help you to choose a brand that is ideal for your home.

1. Omega J8006 Top Ranking Cold Juice Mixer

  • Type of JuicerMasticating Juicer
  • Warranty15 Year
  • Juice JugYes
  • Pulp ContainerYes
  • Dishwasher SafeYes
  • RPM80
  • BPA freeYes
  • Wattage200W
  • Made inSouth Korea
  • Item Weight13 pounds
  • Dimensions14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
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Top in the list is the incredible Omega J8006 Juice Mixer. There is a reason why the Omega J8006 is first on the review list. There is a dispute that making your juice is more nutritious. There are also the times you do not wish to work so much just to get a glass of juice.

Peeling and squeezing is not fun, but the Omega J8006 will take this load from you. It is a masticating juicer that uses no effort to make juice. Just put the fruit in, and it will squeeze juice from your fruit to a pulp. The best thing is that your juice will retain all its nutrients.

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When you blend fruit to make juice, you lose some nutritional value and compromise on the taste as it produces foam. A squeezing masticating mixer is a kitchen-friendly appliance. You will find it to be less noisy, sharp, powerful, and easy to wash after use.

Omega J8006 has a unique feature that makes it extract plant fiber, making you get a drink potent in both enzymes and minerals. It is a dual-stage cold juice mixer, and this is what sets it miles apart from other juicers in the market.

The model has a broad base and a frame that makes it stable when power is on at full capacity. It is a safe kitchen appliance that has the work rate to satisfy your nutritional thirst. To show confidence, the manufacturers have with their product. It comes with a 15-year warranty.

Another reason why Omega J8006 tops the list is how it makes juices rich nutria juice without oxidation. Nothing beats a reliable and nutritious juice early at any time of the day.


  • It has the perfect weight and shape to fit in on any kitchen.
  • It makes squeezing juice from vegetables and fruits effortless and efficient.
  • High nutria value in your juice.
  • Easy to clean after use.
  • It has many other functions.


  • It is slightly slower than when using centrifugal juicers.
  • Sometimes the augur get clogged.
  • Most people complain of a narrow feed tube.

2. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer- Best Slow Juicer

  • Type of JuicerMasticating juicer
  • Warranty2 Year
  • Juice JugYes
  • Pulp ContainerYes
  • Dishwasher SafeYes
  • RPM80
  • BPA freeYes
  • Wattage150W
  • Item Weight11.1 pounds
  • Dimensions14.4 x 11.7 x 11 inches
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Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer is a top-notch selection that you cannot overlook. It is one of the smart kitchen appliances you can get for yourself. If it is about specifics, then this model has it all. It is a new model that extracts your juice to the highest nutritional value. The idea is based on a slow masticating process.

It is the best juicer because it extracts your juice at slow speeds of no more than 40-65 RPM. It is its most robust feature. Making a perfect juice requires no froth. The good thing about this juicer it has a froth separator. When your mixer is fast, you get foam as a result as well. Foam is a sign of the loss of some nutrients vital for your body.

Some juicers are tough to clean. The Aobosi Slow juicer comes with its cleaning brush. However, this is not the reason it is easy to clean. It can be disassembled when washing to get to the hardest to clean parts.
It is a flawless design of a multipurpose kitchen appliance that makes you enjoy the convenience of technology. It is portable, making it convenient for travel. It is a user friendly and safe for the kitchen environment. It is also bisphenol-A free (BPA). BPA is a toxic chemical found in resin and plastic substances.

Besides all these sophisticated features, it is also sturdy and will serve you many more cold juices for years. The model is affordable and ergonomic, as well. The blades are efficient to chew through the most robust vegetables like carrots. It also gentle enough to seep through thin vegetables like kales and spinach. Because of this versatility, you can enjoy a variety of different juice blends at a go.
It has a high capacity and can mix up to six apples at a go.


  • Has less oxidation and supports the preservation.
  • The detachable parts make it easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Versatile to slice through beetroot, carrot or spinach.


  • It has a small feeding tube compared to others of the same price range.

3. Sagnart Slow Juicer Machine - Best 2 in 1 juicer

  • Type of JuicerMasticating Juicer
  • WarrantyNo
  • Juice JugYes
  • Pulp ContainerYes
  • RPM80
  • BPA freeYes
  • Wattage150W(juicer)+30W(citrus juicer)
  • Item Weight15.3 pounds
  • Dimensions18 x 13 x 12.2 inches
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Sometimes the best models of cold juicers may stall. It is the reason why you need a versatile brand in your kitchen to handle both vegetable and fruit juice. Your solution is none other than Sagnart Slow Juicer Machine. Powering through soft vegetables gives a problem to centrifugal cold juice pressers. However, these brands’ sole focus was on pressing vegetable juices.

It has a high nutritious juice yield because it uses cold press technology. In this process, there is no heat exchange; therefore, the final result will always be long-lasting. The freezing process technology does not support oxidation. Therefore your juice can take up to 72 hours without getting rancid.

Another advantage of the slow juicers is quietness. They have diminished whirls that make them enjoyable to use. They have a locking feature to help you keep your contents inside the juicer as they get squeezed.

The body of this cold juice presser is also safe as it is BPA free.

It has a high-efficiency rate. As a slow juice presser, it takes time to make juice than a centrifugal juicer. However, a slow juicer has a higher yield using fewer vegetables and fruits.

It is easy to clean as it also has a reverse function that will unclog any stuck vegetables. Hand wash regularly and store when dry to avoid the blades getting rusty.


  • It has a reverse blade function that makes it an efficient juicer.
  • Lower noise levels.
  • It is user friendly.
  • It has a low maintenance.
  • Affordable price.


  • It does not come with a warranty.

4. Aicok Slow Masticating Juice Extractor - Best for healthier juices

  • Type of JuicerMasticating Juicer
  • Warranty2 Years
  • Juice Jug600ml
  • Pulp ContainerYes
  • Dishwasher SafeYes
  • RPM80
  • BPA freeYes
  • Wattage150W
  • Item Weight8.25 pounds
  • Dimensions16.1 x 7.9 x 11.6 inches
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Aicok Slow Masticating Juice Extractor is a state-of-the-art juicer of all-time. It is a brand that utilizes cold press technology to make long life healthier juices. How this works is quite simple. You already know that centrifugal mixers are heat sensitive making your juice lose nutrients and its oxidation. As a result, there will be form and the quality lowered.

A slow masticator will extract juice first then later press it to get a healthier drink. The slow process requires as little as 0nly 80RPM. It is the best way to get most of the enzymes and other nutrients from your fruits. The heat will make your juice have a low shelf life. Therefore, slow speeds generate little or no heat at all.

Because it is slower, it is quieter. It is 60db to be precise.

Aicok Slow Masticating Pinterest

It is one of the maximum juice extractors for vegetables and fruits. It will give you more yield than other juice extractors. To ensure that you only take the purest extract, the Aicok brand has a froth separator.

The design makes it easy to clean. You can disassemble to wash all parts effectively. The assembly process is easy and fast, making it ready for use all the time. The cleaning brush that accompanies it also makes cleaning fast.

Slow grinds have finer extractions making more precious yield full of the needed enzymes. A slow extraction process leaves no room for oxidation. It is why this brand is safe to drink even after 24 hours. Another reason it is safe is the top-grade materials that combine to make an excellent mixer. There is a DC copper motor that uses a reverse button to enhance your safe use of the mixer.

The plastic is both resin and BPA free. It makes it toxic-free. It has a lock feature that also guarantees the safety of your children when you are using it. It is a versatile brand and comes with a three-year warranty.


  • It is a quiet mixer that spins at 80RPM and produces 60db only.
  • Fast to assemble or disassemble.
  • Has a reverse function that is an additional safety feature.
  • Quick and easy to clean.
  • BPA free.


  • It should never use ice or frozen fruits and vegetables.

5. KOIOS Cold Juicer and Mixer - Best affordable

  • Type of JuicerMasticating Juicer
  • Warranty3 years
  • Juice JugYes
  • Pulp ContainerYes
  • Dishwasher SafeYes
  • RPM80
  • BPA freeYes
  • Wattage150W
  • Item Weight9.9 pounds
  • Dimensions15.7 x 10.2 x 8.8 inches
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Despite having an awkward appearance that might deceive you for its function, KOIOS Cold Juicer and Mixer is an efficient appliance, and it’s popular among customers.

It offers the best market price for a highly efficient kitchen electronic appliance. It lacks some functions standard in other juicers. For example, it does not have a food processor. Yet not so many people use their juicers for this function. So it is kind of a smart choice to omit this feature.

But its strength lies in the preservation of your juice. At 80RPM, your juice can stay fresh for up to 72 hours. Compared to Centrifugal juicers, this is to days extra. It makes it safe to make more juice and store it saving on power and wear and tear. It also has low oxidation, and this is why it has a lasting shelf life.
The reverse function is quite handy. When it spins in the opposite direction, it is to ensure that you squeeze out every ounce of juice available. It will improve the quality of your juice.

It has a smart auger system. What this means is that there are no substantial parts left when the juicer finally squeezes the last drop. Together with the reverse function and the filter, no solid particle will go uncrushed. It is one of the green brands for making green vegetable juices. As such, it is an essential appliance to own in your kitchen.

After making your juice, you need to clean it up for the next use. It is relatively easy. Though some parts are dishwasher safe, washing using your hands is fast and easy as well. Take time to clean the screen. It should not take time if you use the brush that comes with this model.


  • Versatile and can process a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • An affordable and highly efficient juicer.
  • No whirling noises when using it.
  • Will produce higher yields than other juicers.
  • It has a dual setting for pressure control, helping you chew through different ingredients.


  • Has a smaller feeding chute.
  • No handle for holding your juicer in place.

6. Tribest Green Elite Cold Press Juicer - Top Twin gear Juicer

  • Type of JuicerMasticating Juicer
  • Warranty12 Years
  • Juice JugYes
  • Pulp ContainerNo
  • RPM110
  • BPA freeYes
  • Wattage190W
  • Item Weight17.2 pounds
  • Dimensions18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 inches
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Tribest Green Elite Juicer features a sleek design that is efficient and safe for your kitchen. It is a high capacity brand that can function as both commercial and household juicers.

Its most significant feature, however, is the triple stage juicing system. The first process when you put your fruits inside is to crush the slice. Some vegetables like cabbages are sinewy hence may tangle or clog the mixer. But this is no problem. The reverse button will soon unclog it and force a squeeze to a pulp to get every drop.

Tribest Green Elite Cold Press Juicer Pinterest

It comes with a pocket recess teeth that continuously give high efficient grinds for a more delicate pulp. It makes sure that all the fiber and enzymes find themselves in your glass. It produces a thick and dense juice because it leaves behind very little pulp.

However, it also has its shortcomings. Cleaning, it takes little or 12 minutes. It is not straightforward, like other juicers. You need to clean all the teeth and gears thoroughly to avoid rust. It is a brand that will demand more commitment from you; hence you may prefer to use it less often.

However, because of its triple actionability, it crushes and mixes up all the antioxidants and nutrients in the juice. It gives a more abundant juice than most centrifugal and slow juicers.

It has a substantial body, but it will never tip or topple because of its solid base as well.


  • Uses a sturdy twin gear to make a dense nutritious juice.
  • It cuts sinew cabbages by itself so you won’t have to.
  • It passes through a rigorous screen process that leaves behind little or no pulp at all.
  • It can also act as blender and grinder.
  • It comes with a double warranty. Three years for commercial and 15 years for your household use.


  • It is large and heavy; therefore, it will take up much of your kitchen space.
  • Slightly moderate feeding chute.

7. IKICH Slow Juicer – Best slower Juicer

  • Type of JuicerMasticating Juicer
  • Juice JugYes
  • Pulp ContainerYes
  • Dishwasher SafeYes
  • RPM57/84
  • Wattage200W
  • Made inChina
  • Item Weight10 pounds
  • Dimensions16.2 x 11.8 x 8.1 inches
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Need value for your money plus a tasty juice? Try IKICH Slow Juicer. It has only a 200Watts capacity that makes 64RPM. It is the slowest juicer under review in this article. It is preferably a better vegetable juicer than fruit juices. However, it gives a cold juice that is less oxidized and fresher for longer.

It fits into many kitchen spaces as it is small and compact. Amongst its most significant features has to be the highly nutritious juice it gives as a result of a slow RPM. It will not have a heat buildup. There is also no clogging, as all the enzymes are on a slow crush.

The process of one session takes about 15 minutes. If you have to make it run twice, then you will have to let it rest for 30 minutes. It is a downward spiral considering it is an attractive appliance that performs its primary function so well.

It is also one of the quieter models. It also guarantees some essence of quality if you avoid mixing many fruits or vegetables at one go. It will make your juice in a short time if you work it the right way. It also has a reverse function that helps to unclog stuck particles.

The cleaning process is fast and straightforward. It comes with a cleaning brush to help you clean all the parts of this exceptional kitchen appliance.

It is FDA approved and BPA free. It means it is safe to use at home without having a fear of consuming toxic chemicals.


  • It produces a healthier juice extract that is good for your wellness.
  • It is an affordable brand.
  • Can be used to create healthy cheese.


  • May encounter several problems after owning it for some time.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide for Cold Press Juicers

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1. Efficiency

It is easy to overlook this factor, but at the end of the day, everybody will want to get the most from their juicer. A higher speed juicer will make fewer juice yields compared to a slow speed juicer. It, therefore, means that you will enjoy the use of your juicer if it uses fewer fruits and vegetables and produces more juice.

2. How easy it is to use

Making juice should not be time-consuming. You should find the ones that offer to peel and press as well. Some brands are tedious to use because they have smaller feeding chutes. If you want to make more juice, then consider a commercial cold juice presser instead.

3. Easy to clean

Different appliances have different cleaning routines. All this is determined by the kind of hardware they have. Some have quite tiny gears, while others have teeth. To keep your cold juice presser from getting rust, you should have regular cleaning maintenance.

Cleaning juicer parts Pinterest Cleaning juicer parts

Some cold juice pressers are partially dishwasher safe. To maintain such brands for long, you will need to treat them as though they were not. It is easy to hand wash. Some brands can be disassembled, and the dishwasher safe parts can be washed separately.

The Best Easy to Clean Juicer

4. High Nutrient retention

It is all about the RPM because of the speeds that press and crush the fruits and vegetables. Not all of the juice pressers give more top nutrients. Only the slow cold juice pressers can give you a higher nutrient.

There are other models, however that forms dense juices. It makes no waste of the pulp as they squeeze out every drop of juice.

Centrifugal juicers will leave a foam and froth behind. However, some designs have a froth separator. The only issue here is that the result of the juice will be so little. Also, the centrifugal juice pressers have a lower shelf life of only 24 hours.

Compared to cold juice pressers, which have a 72-hour shelf life, one brand seems to hold a better advantage.

5. Pulp Ejection

It is an important feature that should be taken into account. Some juice pressers have a system that enables the pulp to get out without stopping the process. However, some do not have this feature. In such instances, you have to keep opening your juicer to let out the pulp.

Pulp from Juicer Pinterest Photo: benefitsofjuicing.net

The ones that have an external pulp lets you just keep adding the fruits or vegetables as they get ejected automatically.

6. Versatility

It refers to the ability of the juice presser to process both hard and soft vegetables and fruits. Some juicers like the centrifugal juicers can only process hard fruits like lemons and beetroot. They can never give satisfaction when you want spinach juice or kales.

The 4 Best Juicers for Ginger

However, cold slow juicers can get the action on both vegetables and fruits regardless of their nature. What is more satisfactory is that they can do it and still produce a higher yield.

7. Feeder Tube size

It can be time-consuming to dice your vegetables into a size that your juicer will quickly press on. Some different brand offers an easy solution where it peels and presses. All you have to do is put the fruit and vegetables unsliced, unpeeled in the juicer. You will get your juice.

Some have substantial feeder tubes to allow even three or more whole apples. You should go for the models that have a large feeding tube.

However, this decision is bent on your needs. If you want a commercial juicer, then one that is hassle-free is most appealing. Getting the best size will also depend on your family size. Making juice for one person does not need a large feeding tube.

8. Variation of juice presser speeds

Sometimes you can have just the one juicer that meets all your needs. One that has a variety of rates can allow you to make better use of the juicer. For example, you can use the slow RPM to make vegetable and soft fruit juices. Then later, you can adjust the speeds to higher RPM and press hard vegetables like carrots.

9. Dimensions

There are different sizes, and each offers something more than the other. Larger models have more yields at a go than smaller brands. Consider your needs before you stele for a particular brand. Sometimes the brand is super-fast and efficient, yet it has a small feeder or vice versa.

10. Noise

It is not a more prominent issue; however, many people prefer the quiet models. One way of knowing if your juice presser will be a noisy one is to consider the speed of its RPM. In most cases, centrifugal juice pressers are so fast hence they make lots of noise. The slower juice pressers make little noise. However, if you can tolerate the sound, then higher speeds will make you have your juice faster.

11. Peripherals

It is about the flexibility of the juice presser. What smart functions do they possess? If you have a long cord, it means you can move the mixer in lots of kitchen spots. However, a short cord limits your movements. Peripherals are features that make one brand superior to the other. You should be keen when selecting a brand over the other.

12. Safety

How safe is the brand? What are the safety precautions offered? Some juice pressers are FDA approved. It means they are a trusted brand. You should also check if they are BPA free. Toxicity in your juice is a health hazard.

Resin and plastic contain residues of BPA. You should check that the model you are getting is free any toxic chemical.

13. Price

It all boils down to how much you are willing to part with to get a good brand. Some models are quite expensive, yet cheaper models can perform the same functions. Always check the price against the features that your cold juice presser offers.

14. Warranty

Some manufacturers are confident with their brands. You will find that they have warranties lasting up to 15 years. Some have five, while others do not offer any guarantees. To protect your investments, especially if you bought an expensive model, get a good warranty.

15. Brand Reputation

It is not such a determining factor; however, some brands have a knack of consistency. They will always offer customer satisfaction as they mold the pressers with the end-user in mind. Others have a second version of every model. One can be expensive and one slightly cheaper. The difference is usually a single feature. Knowing more about brands can save you money.


Finding the best cold juice presser is not hard once you have done a thorough product review. You will realize that some options are individually based, while others need you and your partner to make. Getting healthy using nutritious juices is the best way forward. In this review, 7 top products in the market will give you value for money.

We have selected the first choice as the best product in this review article. The Omega J8006 Top Ranking Cold Juice Mixer is the ultimate winner. It is the most versatile brand that can perform all other functions in one blender. It also offers a 15-year warranty, which is the deal-breaker.

Other reasons are based on its performance and overall functions that we have identified to be superior to the other brands listed here.

Which is the best cold press juicer?

There is no single answer to this question. It depends on how close you are to getting what you want in a juicer. Some people love speed, and therefore I would recommend the centrifugal cold press juicer.

Others love a slow press juicer because of the higher yield and richness in nutrition. If you are health conscious, then you need a slow juicer with a slower RPM. Then others would love to have the same option in the same model. Here you look for brands that have a variation button of speeds.

Which cold press juicer should I get if I want more nutrition?

The twin gear cold press juices offer more in terms of nutrition. They are highly efficient and leave nothing to waste, not even the pulp. A nutritious juice is one that is rich in fiber and enzymes. One way of identifying a nutrient-rich juice is by looking at its thickness and coloration.

Juices that are thick and dark-colored have more pulp than the light ones.

What kind of cold press juicer does a cancer patient need to buy?

On matters of legal and medicinal advice, it is better to seek professional guidance. However, we can still answer the question based on the knowledge of the cold juice pressers we have. To fight illnesses in the body regardless of it is terminal or not, will need your best efforts to eat healthily. Drinking nutrient-rich juices is one way of doing so.

Here you can go for a slow juice presser where you can get higher yields with less oxidation. Or you can go for the twin gear brands that offer a thick nutrient juice.

When you are looking to get better, you are most vulnerable to salespeople. The best way is to consider a review of the best cold press juicers and look at it from a perspective of a general user.

How much juice can I drink in a single day and still be safe?

I consider this nutritional advice. However, there is no definite answer to the question as many people have different needs based on their current health status and feelings. Some people drink nutritional juice to lose weight. Others drink to get a tan. There is no telling which blend of juice is best and at what quantity unless you consult your health expert, and they give you a nutrition chart.

I have never got a cold press juicer before, what should be my first juicer on a budget?

In as much as price matters a lot, we also know that quality must come into play. Therefore, if you have never had a cold press juicer, then make a self-evaluation table to determine your best fit. On one side, consider the budget you want to spend and, on the other, check the boxes against your routine.

Do you intend to make it a regular habit of juicing or an occasional habit? If so, then your reason should determine if you need an expensive but durable brand or a cheaper alternative that can be replaced if it breaks down.

Then again, you should consider the warranty that comes if you buy a particular juicer over another. Cheaper brands have little or no warranty while the most expensive have such extensive warranties.

What are the best fruit and vegetable cold juice press combination?

You must identify the kinds of fruits and vegetables you will be juicing on the regular before getting a juicer. You may get stuck with a juicer that can make juices you do not like. Centrifugal juicers have great value for money, but your options will be limited. If the cold press juicer is for residential use, then consider getting an all-rounder juicer that can make both soft and hard vegetable and fruit juices. It is the only way you will save o future costs instead of buying two cold press juicers.

It is my recommendation that you select a versatile like the Omega J8006 Top Ranking Cold Juicer Mixer. It is known for its versatility and ability to chew through all forms of fruits and vegetables. It is known for getting higher yield and nutritional value.

Will I need a different cold press juicer for making orange and citrus juice?

Not necessarily. You can juice your oranges and lemons on most juicers. But unlike other fruits or vegetables, you need to peel your oranges first. However, if you want to avoid peeling your oranges before you press them, you can buy Salustianas or delta cold juice pressers. With these models, all you have to do is slice your oranges and lemons in half. Then leave the rest for the presser.

What should I know about wheatgrass juice?

These are juices pressed from the roots of small grass shoots that grow from berries and wheatgrass. It is the kind of juice that is highly nutritious. It is normal to find people consume only the pint-size of a shot glass.
Most nutritionists say wheatgrass juice has both cleansing and healing properties. Therefore, before you consume it, first consult your nutritionist and see if they recommend it for you. However, not all cold juice pressers can successfully extract juice from wheatgrass. You must also find the right model.

Will I add weight if I become a juicer?

It is unheard of to get fat from drinking nutritional juice. Unless you are drinking sugar added extracts from your local food store, then NO, you will not get fat. As a bonus tip for a healthy body, drinking more vegetable juice is healthy than fruit juice.

Juicing is a great way to get your body all the nutrients it needs. Once your body is satisfied, it will demand less food, and you will have fewer cravings to feed. It is a proven way of losing weight and staying under a nutritionist diet.


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